March 30, 2011

In colors

Jarda Balek
"Vera 2"

Michael Helms
"Scar 6377"

DanVan Winkle
Art Model C Kudos

Lara Jade
"Nell III"
Art Model Nell Nabarro

Pascal Renoux
"M. c-j"

John Running
"Silhouette Series 2"
Art Model Natalia


Ben Heys
"Black pearls"
Art Model Jody

Pavel Kiselev
"Game with a mirror"

Nick Giles
"Paula flowers"

Akif [HAKAN] Celebi
"I've been dirt 3"

Perry Gallagher
"Darya IV"
Art Model Darya

March 5, 2011

Adriana Karembeu, Photo n° 441, juillet-aout 2007

To do a photograph in color is difficult because of the limit between art and erotism. A lot of photographers told me they prefer BW for this reason. 

This entire series avoids the trap by its light "fantasy" style and of course the talent of Adriana Karembeu who poses with grace without a too appealing but strong look, all is in the eyes.

Adriana Sklenaříková
17 September 1971
Brezno, Slovakia
1,85 m

The entire series for Photo n° 441, juillet-aout 2007