November 28, 2009

St Merrique

"I'm a nature girl and am passionate about anything that represents growth, change, and enlightenment to the higher self." St Merrique

by OnePixArt -
"Spirit Dance"

It's not the first time we publish St Merrique, art model, author and singer for Dhatura, but we never did a complete feature about her.

She has so many facets beyond her somptuous beauty...

St Merrique is an art model we love since a long time (I'm her fan !). And she's also an author (who took the time to translate some of my texts ! Do you imagine the work it is ?...). I put behind the photograph she sent me a song she wrote and I'll keep till the end of my life. For sure.

And St Merrique is an inspired singer with a true voice I hear often, even if she doesn't know.

St Merrique, we're so glad to know you.

by David L. LeBeck -
"The Secret Life of Arabia"

You'll find St Merrique at : her photoblog, her Model Mayhem 1, her Model Mayhem 2, deviantART, her MySpace, Dhatura official site, and here inside.

" I'm a nature girl and am passionate about anything that represents growth, change, and enlightenment to the higher self.

Being at one with Earth, and giving back the love she has given us; going back to our roots, self-realization; birth, reincarnation, death and rebirth; the thinner lines between surrealism and the coffee we stir every morning; don't forget yourself..." St Merrique

by Dearest Grudge
"Hide the Angst II"

by David L. LeBeck
"Secret Life of Arabia II"

About her modeling work :

" I'm always pleasant to work with bringing positive energy to a shoot. I'm very down to earth and appreciate creativity in original work. I take my work seriously while still having fun with it. I have determination in positive execution of a shoot. I can incorporate many different looks, styles, concepts, and emotions. I work well when refreshed with new, creative and original ideas. So if you have crazy ideas, don't be afraid to ask.

What I model :

Fine Art, Art Figure, Erotic Nudes (non-glam and not negotiable), High Fashion Nudes, Counter Culture, Abstract/ Artistic Nudes, Body Paint or Clay, Outdoor/ Indoor, Environmental Nudes, Film and Stage, Act, Sing, Dance, Artistically, and musically ambitious.

by Gregory Prescott
"The White Wall Project"

This young lady is elegant, graceful, versatile, pleasant, intelligent, cooperative, exceptionally skilled at posing, as beautiful as a woman gets, and just plain cool to hang out with !
I HIGHLY recommend her to any professional photographer who would like to work with a model who has an exotic look and requires no direction. She's magical !"

by Matt Conrads

by Daniel Acuna
"Lamenting II"

As the masterful poet and musical engineer for Dhatura :

" Every goal, wish, dream, or bit of hope starts with how you apply yourself, the steps you’re willing to take to get there… the journey.

A journey is the length of courage you hold to keep going now matter how distant your dream, how faint the light appears ahead, or how dark the road may seem. For some, that dream is in the universal love and influence of music.

For Dhatura, this budding seed of musical romance began in the early spring of 1999 and has, undoubtedly, only grown in influence over the years through sounds of rock, jazz, and funk to start. For some, music may just be a passing fancy, but for the members of Dhatura it is a lifelong journey, only to get better with time.

Merrique and Willie bring their own style, their own beats and poetic lyrics that can either keep you dancing, take you to another world in time, or reach the bottom of your aching soul to pull you through.

Album cover

While Merrique is the masterful poet and musical engineer, Willie adds his own creative touch and soulful artistry with the guitar and bass. There is only room left to grow to inspire music lovers around the world.

As you listen to the unbelievable new sounds of Dhatura, close your eyes and listen. Listen carefully to the funky fusion beats and collaboration of a voice that will no doubt, addictively stay in your mind."

by Charles E. Nevols -

St Merrique and all the photographers ©

November 27, 2009

Court drops case in nude photo shoot at NYC museum, by David Winge

"One point for us !"

A good news from David Winge
Photographer and UdA Art Editor

NEW YORK — Nude, yes. Lewd, no.
Copyright © 2009 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

" A New York judge dismissed public lewdness and other charges Monday against a model who posed for a nude photo shoot at a museum while visitors looked on.

Kathleen "K.C." Neill was arrested in August during photographer Zach Hyman's shoot in the arms and armor department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Defense lawyer Thomas J. Hillgardner says Neill did nothing indecent while posing in an institution full of depictions of nudes. He says she was making art and he noted court rulings saying public nakedness isn't necessarily lewd.

Prosecutors say they aren't sure they could prove the charges beyond reasonable doubt.

The museum had no immediate comment. Hyman calls the charges "completely absurd."

by David Winge

"Never Give Up"
Art Model Red Sonia

November 26, 2009

At home

Doug Winsor -
"Nothing is on"

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"Passing through 1"

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"Sabine Reclines"

David LeBeck -
"Sofa, 165"
Model Tiana Hunter

Dave Ayerst Davies -
"Red bathroom 2"
Art Model Red Lilly

William Walsh -
"Kim 8"

Robert Triboli -
"Candace 357"
Art Model Candace Nirvana

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"Autumn 2"

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"Nude, Colorado, 2008"

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"Eva Herzigova"

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"New Friend"

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"Nude 26"

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"Wait till..."

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"Where is my laundry"

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"Nu artistique"

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"A friend from the past VI"
Art Model Amanda