October 24, 2016

From France, the Art of Dyptiques Photography

 A new member of Univers d'Artistes

Diptyques is someone special for me. He is French so it is easier to talk together about our lifes, our moods and his passion for art nude. He tells us he is an amateur but a truly talented one.

I am very often subjugated by the emotion of his photographs. I find in them a lot of tenderness and sometimes a little sadness in the poses and the expressions of his Art Models, always served by a beautiful sense of the composition. 

Diptyques is a very kind and compassive man I am honored to welcome on board.

Thank you for your frienship and your confidence.


"Derrière Diptyques Photography se trouve un photographe amateur, professeur de son métier. Je pratique la photographie depuis longtemps, mais je ne la considère pas comme une activité sérieuse. La photo définie comme pur divertissement, voire comme diversion, me suffit. Par dessus tout, j'aime les belles formes, l'expressivité, l'intensité tant des paysages (que je regarde toujours sans jamais les capturer ou si peu) que des modèles. 
Fan de Peter Lindbergh, d'Avedon, de Sieff, de Koudelka, etc., je n'ai aucun goût pour les images ultra retouchées qui, selon moi, s'apparentent à la prouesse numérique sans atteindre à l'essence de la photographie.
Conscient de ne pas travailler mes images ou insuffisamment, j'attends le moment de tourner la page, sans jamais y parvenir."

October 21, 2016

"Ses cheveux dans mes yeux" de Christophe Vermare

Christophe Vermare offered me his new book with a wonderful dedicace which blushed me. I feel blessed. "Ses cheveux dans mes yeux" is a pure artwork I admire every day, yes, with passion, surprise and love. Merci Christophe Vermare, and a tender hug :-)

To admire some photos : his article


October 20, 2016

Carlotta Champagne's interviewed by Iris Dassault


Art Model Carlotta Champagne 
by Art Editor Iris Dassault

by TH Taylor

How did you get started with your modeling, especially nude and figure work modeling? How old were you? How did your family feel about your decision to pursue modeling as a career?

I've always been a bit of an exhibitionist. Even when I was young my mom says she couldn't keep clothing on me. The first time I modeled nude I was 18, and it was for a friend's college photography project. I was 21 when I decided to seriously try modeling. I tried posing for artists in several different mediums before I decided that photography was where my posing interests lie. My family has always been surprisingly supportive. One of my grandmother's sisters was an art model at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) for 40 or 50 years, so I think she broke the family in for me.

by TH Taylor

You have been featured in Playboy, how has that affected your life and your modeling career?

Playboy has its ups and downs.

It gives a model a whole new market to pursue as far as signings, websites, meeting fans etc. However it isn't all it is cracked up to be. 

There is always a push to do more adult work as your fans ask for more of you. There are also a lot of crazy and potentially dangerous fans out there who will call your home at 3 in the morning or show up at your doorstep. Playboy has definitely helped give me a name in this industry and many of the best opportunities of my career have come up because their name was in my portfolio. I will say there are some people who will never see you as an art model again once you have shot for a company like Playboy.

by Richard Warren

What is your proudest accomplishment as a model?

Just being able to do this as a full time career. To be able to do what I love and make a living is a huge accomplishment.

by Kevin Dirks

Do you have any role models? Who are they?

Betty Page. I know it is kind of cliche but she modeled into her 40's, and she is such a legend. I think it would be so cool to be more famous 40 years after you modeled than during your actual modeling reign. I very strongly think it is likely that this could happen as the "internet model" is the new taboo and the girls who are doing this are kind of the originators of this genre of work.

You shoot a wide variety of work - from fine art nude, to glamour nude, to fashion. Do you have a preference for any specific type of modeling?

I love erotic, euro-fashion nude imagery probably more than anything else because the end product is so beautiful.

by Juan Zambrano

Do you ever encounter prejudice and criticism about the nude body of work you created? How do you handle it?
I do. I'm from a small hick town, and every once in a while I'll get a rude email from a high school peer saying I'm degrading myself, or saying that I should do fashion because I'm "better" than a nude model. It is frustrating that people think that selling some name brand crap is better than creating a piece of inspiring art with the human form. I generally just ignore people with this mentality-I don't need this kind of negativity in my life.

What parts of modeling are most rewarding to you, what are the parts you could do without?

I feel like there are so many rewarding situations from modeling.

Being able to inspire artists, having my face seen around the world, making a living off of what I love. I could do without the random negative critics out there, but I guess that is just part of the job.

by James Russell

Your modeling portfolio is absolutely phenomenal. How much input and ideas do you provide into your images and your shoots? Do you bring in your own wardrobe and styling ideas?

I put in a lot of ideas, wardrobe and styling. I love being a part of the creative process. I often get really frustrated when there is an "art director" who wont let me voice any creativity. A lot of people don't realize that no one is going to know my look and body better than me.

What are your goals, both short term, as well as long term?

I don't know really. I want to get more tear sheets, and work with more amazing artists. Long term-I suppose I just want to model until it isn't fun anymore. When that happens I would like to open my own art gallery.

by Dennis Keim

If a starting model were to come to you for advice on how to establish a solid portfolio, what would you tell her?

Do trade with the best, always be professional, never flake and stay on top of your bookings! It doesn't matter how good your portfolio is if your reputation is poor for not showing up to jobs.

Would you name a few of your favorite photographers (that you worked with, or that you would like to work with)?

Some of the best I have worked with are Juan Zambrano, James Russell, Richard Warren, and Hataiiia. I love so many photographers out there. I really hope to shoot with David LaChappelle some day. His work is so vibrant and alive. I imagine working with him is a lot of fun.

by Hataiiia

Most models I have personally met, all have interesting backgrounds, education and hobbies that shows models have so much more going for them than just their look. Is there anything you could share about "Carlotta, the model", that may surprise people?

I am an artist first and foremost. I have a BFA in 3D art (ceramics and sculpture) and I made a living in college by making clothing out of condoms (http://www.carlyscondomnation.com/). Now I often make things to shoot in. Lately nipple tassels and erotic clothing have held my artistic interest.

What is the best way for people to reach you to set up a shoot with you? Any additional information you'd like to share about your approach to setting up shoots?

Through my portfolio, One Model Place.I can also be contacted at my site.

October 15, 2016

My trip to Wien

Yes ! I did it after 2 years alone in my home ! No matter the wheelchair, the dolors, I did a 4 days trip to Wien with Ingrid. She was an angel, a friend, a nurse, a guide. We will do it again. Thank you my Ingrid ! Thank to you, I discovered how strong I still am, stronger than the disease.

Kisses for you who reads me.

October 11, 2016

Elilith and Sabi by Sjur Roald

Already published in the magazine, Sjur Roald is someone I deeply like. His work is fascinating. Creative, tender, inspired, his photographs touch me. Bravo Master Sjur Roald, I am your devoted fan ! And Bravo to the Art Models Elilith and Sabi.

September 30, 2016


By: Michael Vasquez

Just something I was playing in PhotoShop.  Amazing what you can create with a little effort.

September 25, 2016

My daily Artworks on Facebook : Dan Van Winkle

Every day on my Facebook, I publish a photograph I love. I will be happy to welcome you !

I love the meditation of the Art Model. I love her reflection in the water. I love the colors, the composition... Dan Van Winkle, your rest was beneficial for your inspiration. A big BRAVO, dear Dan. I want more !!!

"This seems to be the trend for me these days. No shooting for a month or two and then two in less than a week...I took this afternoon off and drove around in the "cold" weather with Stormrider."

September 24, 2016

An Artist from India, Ashok

 "Submerged Nude"

Preparing this article Ashok did a wonderful work until to give me some words :
"Ashok had featured in UdA about five years ago with his images of nudes shot in India. We now bring an update to his portfolio in his own words." His interview by AlexB.
There are really few artistic nude photographers in India, maybe two or three with him in the magazine. I learned that the Art Models doesn't want to show their face and you learn much more by reading him. Since 5 years, Ashok uses more layers and textures in his photographs what gives to his work a beautiful painting style rarely exhibited here.

I deeply thank you Ashok for your quick and so kind cooperation, for your passion and your confidence.

"Nude in Copper"

"Cast in Stone"

I have been into photography from the 70’s with interests in landscape, portraits, travel and art nudes. Using film I found that generally labs in India could not deliver the same quality as overseas which was a disappointment. Commitments to my work left little time to find a suitable model. All this changed when digital came along.  My workhorse was the Nikon D100 6MP which was a superb machine that could deliver image quality.

When Chris very kindly agreed to publish an update on my work after so many years  I told him that I now seem to have moved to using layers and textures in many of my images. Textures don’t always work. It depends on the image and the blending mode used. I find some days yield more nice images than others. U need to play around with it and see what results you get.

I collect textures of what I see such as a painted wall, oil stains, rusted metal, water drops on a window and so on.

I still like the traditional nudes especially in black & white with the long range of tones and light and shadow that emphasis the shapes and lines.  That will always be my first love. I no longer shoot film as its hard to get and processing options limited and expensive. As a result my old Rolleiflex has gone into retirement.


Being in India, its still difficult after so many years to find a model as art nudes is a little known and understood concept among models. Not many photographers shoot nudes. 

My models are all non professional people who like my work and model on the condition they remain unknown.  I am always looking for potential models from India or overseas. These days Indian photographic exhibitions are getting more images of nudes from overseas photographers which hopefully increases the awareness in India.

After about 35 years of using a Nikon I finally moved to a Fuji X Pro1 with Fuji glass 10~24mm, 18~55mm and the very lovely 50~140mm f2.8 Lens. My needs have changed and I am not getting any younger. The Fuji X Pro1 is a very retro looking camera and has all the adjustments I could want. I shoot RAW and jpg. The jpg from the camera is excellent needing little if any adjustment. The RAW files are processed in Affinity Photo a somewhat new software that does everything PS could do and for a very modest one time fee. Black & white conversion is using Silver Efex Pro which I highly recommend.

"Painted Nude"

Almost all my work is shot in available light from a window and a reflector for fill in the shadows. I do not feel the need for a strobe light. Apart from indoor nudes I would like to shoot nudes in the landscape although with India’s very large population its not easy to find a suitable location.

Some of the images have been exhibited in International Salons in India and overseas and won awards. Its very satisfying to have acceptances in International exhibitions where one is competing against the best.

UdA has always been a site that inspires me as some of the worlds best photographers have their work on display. It’s a great place to see different styles and learn for them.

Thank you Ashok, I blushed !